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Opening the Door to Education

Tutor Resources


GED Practice Test
The site includes assessments in each GED subject area as well as great information on a range of career options.

Grammar Bytes
A resource for tutors and teachers rather than students. It includes grammar terms, explanations, examples, exercises, and handouts.

Khan Academy
When students enroll in the RLC math classes through Khan Academy, the STEPs coordinator gets a detailed report of exercises done and proficiencies accomplished

Although it’s designed for kids, the Starfall Learn to Read page is great for adult learners who need phonics practice. As a bonus, students get practice in handling a mouse and in computer navigation.


Cyber Listening Lab
English listening comprehension quizzes and activities

Free Rice
Both Web-based and mobile apps provide fun vocabulary games. Every correct answer donates 10 grains of rice to charity! RLC has a group code to track our total contributions.

Khan Academy 
Although Khan Academy is best known for math resources (see link under ABE), it also has an excellent set of grammar tutorials. Each grammar skill has one or more videos plus practice exercises.

Learning Chocolate
Pictures, audio, and practice exercises to help build vocabulary

Medline Plus
National Institutes of Health (NIH) provides animated videos with closed captioning. Students learn the anatomy of body parts and organ systems and how diseases and conditions affect them.

Every RLC STEPs class has its own USALearns key code, which lets tutors track the students’ time online. The lessons in USA learns have been mapped to STEPs proficiencies. 


News for You Online  
Stories with complete audio and vocabulary help


Naturalization Study Materials and Practice  

English Test Study Materials and Practice


Typing Master's Typing Test (Find your baseline typing speed or post-test after keyboarding practice)

Sense Lang's Tutorial and Balloon Game

Digital Literacy:

Northstar Digital Literacy Project 
​Students can take a computer skills assessment and, if they pass, receive a certificate

Microsoft Office Training
Quick start videos and training for each application in the MS Office suite.


Resources for reading, writing, math and financial literacy

SuperSummary Spelling Guide
Resources for better spelling