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Opening the Door to Education

Tutor Resources


  1. Adult Learning Activities (Select a topic from the top bar to find reading exercises and related activities)
  2. GED Practice Test (Assessments in each GED subject area)
  3. Grammar Bytes (Grammar terms, explanations, examples, exercises, and handouts)
  4. TV411 (Videos, reading passages, and exercises)
  5. Starfall Learn to Read (Aimed at children, but provides visual and auditory mode of improving phonemic awareness)
  6. Spelling City (Provides vocab lists that are searchable by topic, as well as lessons and articles)
  7. SuperSummary Spelling Guide (Commonly misspelled words, roots, suffixes, homophones, spelling trivia)


  1. Learning Chocolate's Vocabulary Learning Platform (Pictures, audio, and practice exercises to help build vocabulary)
  2. Breaking News English (Interactive, printable lessons in 7 levels)
  3. ESL Cyber Listening Lab (Listen to English conversations and take quizzes)
  4. 5-Minute English Grammar Lessons
  5. Daily ESL 
  6. Power Speak (User your public library card to access their ESL and other language learning software)


  1. News for You Online Archives (Stories with complete audio and vocabulary help; active RLC students can contact a Coordinator at 632-9495 for login information)
  2. Literacy Net Story Archives (CBS and CNN stories and abridged versions with supplementary exercises)


  1. Naturalization Study Materials and Practice  
  2. English Test Study Materials and Practice


  1. Typing Master's Typing Test (Find your baseline typing speed or post-test after keyboarding practice)
  2. Sense Lang's Tutorial and Balloon Game
  3. Type Online's Number Pad Lessons 

Digital Literacy:

  1. Northstar Digital Literacy Project (Students can take a computer skills assessment and, if they pass, receive a certificate)
  2. Mousercise and Mouse Games (Learn to use a computer mouse)
  3. Computer Use Tutorial in Spanish
  4. Microsoft Office Word Tutorial
  5. Microsoft Office Excel Tutorial
  6. Teknimedia Tutorials (Active RLC students can contact a Coordinator at 632-9495 for login information)


  1. Khan Academy's Math Tutorial Videos (Digital blackboard instruction that breaks down math concepts at all levels)
  2. Job Application (Drag-and-drop and click exercise to practice filling out a job application; uses audio)