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Summer Read-A-Thon

Summer Read-a-Thon

What is Summer Read?

Summer Read is an annual read-a-thon to raise money for Racine Literacy Council’s Adult Literacy Program.  It works just like a sponsored walk or swim; participants will read books in exchange for pledges of money.  Summer Read runs from June 17th to September 7th (International Literacy Day).  Anyone can participate - adults, children, and groups!  Read one book or read 20 books;  every book counts, from Dr. Seuss to Dickens!

How do you participate in Summer Read?

1.  Fill out a pledge form.  Pledge forms are available Click Here for download or at our office.

2.  Use the pledge sheet to collect pledges.  You can ask donors to sponsor you by number of books read or as a one-time donation.

3. Track your reading between June 17th - September 7th.

4. Collect all your pledge money and return it to RLC (preferably as a check made out to Racine Literacy Council by September 3rd.  Prizes will be given to participants who have raised or read the most!